Is Wallstreetbets The Best Stock Market Investing Subreddit?

Is Wallstreetbets The Best Stock Market Subreddit

Is Wallstreetbets the best stock market investing subreddit?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Reddit has become extremely famous among people who have an interest in stock and options trading. There are many platforms where various people from all disciplines of life can exchange ideas and provide a support system to their fellow beings. For many investors r/wallstreetbets has become that platform. One of the most famous subreddits is wallstreetbets. Here advice is exchanged without any expectation of reward. Wallstreetbets is an online portal people actively use to share their advice and information about potential “Wall Street bets” that are expected to perform well or not so well in the near future.

The Subreddit was founded in 2012 to provide a place for amateurs investors to learn from higher level traders. These high level traders would share primarily options trading information on the forum in an effort to help novice traders increase their trading knowledge as well as to help them develop a career in trading. With over 1,629,670 active participants on r/wallstreetbets the chance to find the advice you need is substantially high. If you want to access wallstreetbets on Reddit, All you need to do is type r/wallstreetbets into the search bar and from there you can see posts ranging from Memes, DD (Due Diligence) and general stock discussion’s. There are many people sharing their real-life experiences, expertise, predictions and analysis of the current state of the stock market. It would be correct to say that this subreddit is one of the most sought after on Reddit when compared to r/memeEconomy, r/Robinhood, r/PennyStocks, r/Investing and several others. It is highly preferred by the individuals who prefer higher risk options and stock trading.

r/wallstreetbets is a famous subreddit

While you are working from home full-time, you can’t help but join the forums that give you maximum insight about trading and understanding the confusing world of the stock market. Usually, people looking for wall street bets stumble upon r/wallstreetbets on Reddit along with other famous subreddits about the stock exchange such as r/pennystocks, r/investing, and r/robinhood where you can potentially find productive discussion over probable stock market trends. The subreddit allows people to share their stories about huge successes and failures as well. There you will find some of the best advice from real people out of real trading experience on Wall Street. The insights people share on this forum are mostly very discreet and out of the personal technical analysis. Be wary of believing everything you read, sometimes stock picks are based on rumors.

The hive mind effect on wallstreetbets

It comes as a surprising element to many people that the wallstreetbets Subreddit is consumed by only a few company names in trading. There are 2-3 stocks that take up all the attention every now and then. In some instances Apple (AAPL), Micron Technology (MU), Snapchat (SNAP), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Nvidia (NVDA), Tesla (TSLA) and even Palantir (PLTR) would appear as trending stocks and stay that way for a month or so until a new trend comes along. These main focused companies are sometimes referred to as “Meme Stocks”. Some stocks are bullied as well, while others are temporarily appreciated. When a stock is trending, there are divided opinions among people about its potential for profitability. Sometimes the comments are bullish towards certain names, and other times they’re bearish. You wouldn’t be surprised to see the same name appearing on the board for several days with positive and negative comments surrounding it. The key is you don’t need to jump to a conclusion right away; sit back, read, analyze, do your due diligence and then if you think it is appropriate to invest based on the information gathered, insight and rumors, make your decision. On numerous occasions stocks have gained attention on r/Wallstreetbets leading to a gain in the stocks price. Be aware not to get in too late! Often times individuals buy in too late for fear of missing out (FOMO) leading to an untimely entry into a stock that is no longer receiving the same attention. This can cause a stock to quickly turn into a downtrend and costing you a loss on your investment.

How to find the best articles on r/wallstreetbets

The way Reddit works is that you join your community and search for commonly used abbreviations on the subreddits. People use reddit wsb, wallstbets, and wall st bets, as an abbreviation to look for the content about the wallstreetbets subreddit. These articles have excessive real-time information. Active members talk about how different stocks are behaving, what various news outlets are saying, what are overall industry trends/predictions, company news announcements and much more related information that you can find useful in making your trading decisions for the day. Since we have been forced to work from home this year more people have began to take up various hobbies such as stock trading. These platforms help guide people who are trying to raise their investment returns through stock exchange trading.

How to apply filters on wallstreetbets

There are so many filters that a user can apply to read about just the related articles posted by members. There are filters given, such as DD, discussion, shitposts, fundamentals, technicals, stocks, options, YOLO, and earnings thread. These filters are decided according to the subreddit general discussions. So, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to jump right into an advanced-level conversation. You could possibly start from the fundamentals, move towards technicals, stocks, and slowly inching towards the discussions. There are a lot of funny memes shared by various members, which add a little flavor to a dull and boring discussion about stocks. If you would look at the wsb board, you can find numerous memes making the board colorful.

Take caution while you use the wallstreetbets subreddit

It is imperative that you do your own research before diving into the unknown world of online advice portals. Everyone at the stock exchange has his pen personal experience. People share what they have experienced, not what they are certainly sure about would happen in case you choose to follow their footsteps. Taking an unchecked advice from an online portal is probably not an advisable way to invest from your savings. You would also need technical information, trading practice, industry insight, and experience in trading with a lot of patience to be successful at trading stocks.

Reddit feeds are full of people talking about what they think will happen. However, it’s your money that is at stake, for which you need to act sensibly. Many times, people are promoting a company which ultimately ends up becoming a reason for loss as opposed to a gain. Therefore, r/wallstreetbets should be treated by at-home traders as a newspaper rather than a bible.

As an alternative to r/Wallstreetbets which is typically used by high income individuals, users can post smaller sized gains or losses on r/Smallstreetbets.

Smallstreetbets describes themselves as follows: “Like 4chan found $5. Ever wanted to learn how to trade options AND share your progress with people online, but you’re too poor for WSB? If so, you’ve come to the right place.”

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