Dissecting the Unique Lingo and Terminology used in the Subreddit r/Wallstreetbets.

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Dissecting the Unique Lingo and Terminology used in the Sub Reddit r/Wallstreetbets.


It is no secret that Wallstreetbets is highly popular and one of the top trending stock trading and options trading communities. Since r/wallstreetbets first launched in 2012, it has risen to nearly 1.5 million r/wsb participants as of August 2020. Overall, some make it big, while others might end up going into debt; but hey, that is the nature of the game.

Edit: January 2021 changed that and weve gone Hyperbolic!

Now as great as this place can be, even influencing the demand for wsb merchandise, there is no denying that wallstreetbets is like a culture all on its own. And with that comes its own unique lingo and terminology, which might get kind of confusing for newbies. So, whether you are a part of the Wallstreetbets community on Reddit already or are thinking about joining in on the trading awesomeness, then there are some terms you should be aware of so you don’t look like, well, an idiot or get lost on the r/wsb reddit wall street bets thread.

Alright, let’s get started with the list / WallStreetBets Dictionary.


·       Bullish 🐂 – This means you should expect the price to rise. Someone who is always Bullish is typically apart of the “Bull Gang”.

·       Bearish 🧸 – If you see this, expect the price to fall. Someone who is always Bearish is typically apart of the “Bear Gang”.

·       Bagholder – A “Bag Holder” or “Bagholder” is an individual who holds stake in an equity that has decreased in value heavily. A Bag Holder typically holds on to these shares or options in the hopes that they will recover. This often results in sustaining losses and incurring more than initially experienced. – “When a super smart guy sells his shares that have dropped in value to an idiot, that said person is now considered a “bagholder”. Don’t be a bagholder.


·       BTFD – BTFD stands for “Buy The Fucking Dip”. It’s used as a call to action when an equity has declined in price but has the potential to recover from its current “dip” position.


·       FD (F****ts Delight) – This is an “at the money” or “out of the money” option that is very close to expiry, an “FD” involves a large sum of money on contracts meant to expire within a very short time frame. It is considered an “FD” if the bet is crazy.

·       $BECKY 👱‍♀️ – The “BECKY ETF” or the “BECKY Portfolio” is an array of securities that are correlated with the demand for goods and services loved by white college girls, including Esty, Lululemon Athletica, Ulta Beauty, and Starbucks.


·       Diamond Hands 💎 🤲 – Having “Diamond Hands” is when a trader is prepared to hold on to their stocks or securities for a long time. They believe in the future success of their trade so much that they will hold onto them until profit is obtained. This is why they are termed as having “Diamond Hands”.


·       Paper Hands 🧻 🤲 – Paper Hands is when a traders sells their stocks and securities way too early before they were able to reach max profits. Paper Hands and “Weak Hands” mean the same thing as one another on r/wallstreetbets. 


·       DD – Also known as double down, DD means to throw all your money on the table when in relation to a stock. It means that the stock is promising and shows bright value increase potential. 

DD is also commonly used to describe “Due Diligence” This is the act of doing research into a certain topic, stock or play. DD posts on Wallstreetbets typically have a good amount of information to back up the posters findings within their research.


·       GME 🎮 🛑 – GME is the stock ticker symbol for GameStop. Recently users of r/wallstreetbets have shifted their attention towards Game Stop (GME) causing the stock to spike to record breaking highs. The wallstreetbets GME stock story is currently still being written, we are excited to see how this one will go down in the history books.


·       GUH  – The sound of a soul leaving someone’s body. GUH is associated with a major loss and is used as an exclamation. The origins stem from a Redditor u/ControlTheNarrative who made the sound after losing $45k 2 minutes into market open. This moment was actually caught on camera and filmed by Control The Narrative himself! Watch the GUH video from wallstreetbets here: Wallstreetbets GUH Video.

Kamikaze Cash on youtube also does a great job of explaining the legend of u/ControlTheNarrative here: Guh: The Legend of ControlTheNarrative, a peak WSB hero I r/wallstreetbets.


·       JPOW – JPOW refers to Jerome Hayden “Jay” Powell who is the 16th and Current Chair of the Federal Reserve. He is also the main character behind the meme “Money Printer Go Brrr”. This meme was created after the Federal Reserve injected $1.5 Trillion in short term loans after the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. This “Quantitative Easing” (QE) strategy helped to keep the stock market trending in an upward direction.


·       Positions or Ban – “Position or Ban” Is used on Wallstreetbets after a user posts a screenshot of their Robinhood home screen showing a gain or a loss. The community is interested in seeing the positions that lead to the gain or loss being shown. If you are unable to provide your positions, the community will call for you to be banned.


·       Pump and Dump – This is when a stock is being pumped or hyped by others typically with no real data to back it up. These stocks prices are driven up dramatically and then sold “Dumped” for profit.


·       Reddit Stock Market Bets – “Reddit Stock Market Bets” Is a commonly searched term by individuals who don’t remember the name of the subreddit “Wallstreetbets”. This search is most commonly done by Parents, Loved Ones or Friends of individuals who constantly rant and rave about r/wallstreetbets.


·       Rocket Ships, Andromeda and To The Moon 🚀🚀🚀 – Users of wallstreetbets use these terms to express their belief that the security or stock being mentioned will have a dramatic gain in overall value.


·       r/Smallstreetbets – “smallstreetbets” or “Small Street Bets” is a subreddit that evolved from the wallstreetbets subreddit, It is self described as “A place to go if you are too poor for WSB” referring to (r/wallstreetbets).

The subreddit focuses on all of the same fun things as the original wallstreetbets. The main difference you will find between r/smallstreetbets when compared to r/wallstreetbets is that the trades and plays on smallstreetbets are done using a smaller amount invested.


·       r/WSB – r/WSB is an acronym for r/Wallstreetbets. You may not see this used in the subreddit very often, it is just an easier way to navigate to wallstreetbets without spelling it out fully.


·       Stonks 📈 – What are “stonks”? and what does “stonks” mean? “Stonks” are “stocks” as in shares of a company. The term is misspelled on purpose,  It is meant as a form of irony and humor. Most often stonks is used when commenting on the financial loss of an investment.

The word “Stonks” actually originates from the Stonks Meme. This meme feature’s a bald animated character who is dressed in business attire with his arms folded, he is giving a one thousand yard stare into emptiness. It’s almost as if he just suffered a major financial loss. This character is referred to as “The Stonks Meme Guy” or “The Stonks Meme Man”.


·       Swaggy Stocks – Swaggy Stocks is a website that specializes in tracking wallstreetbets analytics and sentiment. Swaggy Stocks breaks down historical as well as real time positive and negative sentiment of trending ticker symbols on r/wallstreetbets. They take it a step further with providing charters and graphs organized in a way that are easy for anyone to access and use.


·       Tendies 🍗 – What are Tendies on Wallstreetbets? When you see someone mentioning “Tendies” on r/wallstreetbets, they are referring to gains or profits that are made on an investment. Example: “I am going to wait until GME hits $20 to collect my tendies.”


·       Wallstreetbets Discord – Discord is an app that allows you to have realtime instant messaging conversations with other users. Think of it like r/wallstreetbets but with instant response’s. The Wallstreetbets Discord (with over 50,000 users) can be found and accessed here: Wallstreetbets Discord.


·       Wallstreetbets Robinhood – Robinhood is an app commonly used by reddit wall st bets user’s. This app has had glitches exploited by members of r/Wallstreetbets in the past. The most famous example is the “robinhood free money cheat code” also known as the “robinhood infinite money glitch”. This glitch allowed users to essentially leverage an infinite amount of money on stocks and options even though they did not have the funds within their account.


·       WSB YOLO – To explain “WSB YOLO” you first need to know that “WSB” stands for “wallstreetbets” and “YOLO” stands for “you only live once”. This is used on reddit’s r/wallstreetbets when someone risks their entire portfolio on one single stock or options trade. Swaggy Stocks has saved us all the work and created a list of the top most upvoted r/wallstreetbets YOLOs that can be found here: Wallstreetbets Top YOLOs.

Conclusion – Have Fun Making Money


As you can see, Wallstreetbets is all about making people money, while adding some humor into the mix, because why not? It is a great platform to get the best shot at making a buck and embark on engaging conversations with others who are on the same wavelength as you. Again, if you are new to the scene, be prepared to interact pretty frequently (it is a Reddit with daily discussions after all). So, make sure you “study” the terms and acronyms above to understand what the heck people are saying, and even make yourself look like a pro r/wsb member right out of the gates.


Good luck, and YOLO!

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If you would like more information on what the r/wsb community is all about, check out the FAQ tab on the wallstreetbets homepage.


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